Man attempts to gain entry to playground

Staff Report

April 29, 2014

GREENVILLE - According to Doug Fries, superintendent of Greenville City Schools, the Greenville Police Department was contacted Tuesday morning after teachers noticed an adult male walking along the fence line, talking to the students at East Intermediate.

According to school personnel, a man approached students on the playground to let him in. School personnel notified the police department and the issue was resolved, Fries stated.

A one-call went out to parents notifying them of the situation.

“We’re thankful it wasn’t a more serious situation that warranted the one-call,” Fries commented. “It’s a good reminder to talk to your children and remind them about the dangers of talking to strangers.”

Fries noted that, as always, the building and playground were secure, and he commended the teachers on taking immediate actions to ensure the safety of their students.