Cub Scout recognized for medical aid to grandma

By Megan Kennedy

April 1, 2014

Boe Buckley, an eight-year-old Cub Scout from Eaton, was recognized Saturday, March 29 for his maturity, compassion, quick thinking, and medical knowledge for an act in September of 2013.

Boe’s grandmother, Kim Buckley, said Boe is a special young man in that he is particularly mature for his young age.

The oldest of four other siblings, Boe’s responsibility exceeds other children’s in the eyes of his family members. “He’s like a grown-up eight year old… he’s just willing to help out. He has the kindest heart, the sweetest personality. He is very, very very caring. He’s exactly like what my son was like at that age,” said Kim.

Although when asked if he enjoyed being a big brother, he said, “No, I hate it … every body’s always coming in my room asking for stuff,” Boe is particularly helpful with lawn care, as his father, Darrell owns ProGrade Demolition and Excavation in Eaton.

“He’ll come out and say, ‘come on, mam-maw, let’s do the bushes! I’ll help you with the weeds.’ He’ll get the golf cart out and want to trim trees,” said Kim.

The biggest demonstration of Boe’s maturity, responsibility and helpfulness, came the weekend of Pork Festival in 2013 while on a bike ride with Kim. As a car rounded the corner, both Boe and Kim attempted to pull off the side of the road, a safe distance away from the car.

“I was already down on the road, and she’s not the best on the bike… she’s really not” said Boe. “Her bike kinda tipped over, because it was on a hill.”

When Kim’s bike hit the gravel at an odd angle, she was thrown off balance causing her to fall to the side. The bike she was riding cut her leg severely, causing her to bleed profusely.

Tending to her injury, Boe used his Ohio State University t-shirt to create a make-shift tourniquet, telling her not to look at the wound while making their way back home. Boe said he told Kim not to look at her leg to “keep her from panicking.” Once Kim was able to arrive at the hospital for medical treatment, Boe refused to leave her side.

When asked if he would do anything differently, Boe said no and that he didn’t think Kim, or “mam-maw” would be okay if he wasn’t there for her.

“Pretty much as a Cub Scout, it’s my duty to do that,” said Boe. “We learned that in our classes.”

Boe was honored with a National Award of Merit during a special ceremony at the Preble District Scouts Awards Dinner held at Trinity Lutheran Church. The evening honored scouts in the Preble District for their accomplishments over the past year.