Piranhas working hard to make the cut

R-H Staff

March 4, 2014

It may be cold and snowy on the outside but the Piranhas are burning up the waters in recent swim meets.

The season is starting to wind down and there several swimmers who are getting close to getting AA and Zone cuts. According to Piranhas Coach Dave Montgomery, in YMCA swimming these are different levels that a swimmer can achieve and those are done by swimming a certain time. Eventually, a Y swimmer wants to get to nationals if their goal is to make it to the Olympics one day, according to Montgomery.

The Piranhas competed in several swimming meets in the past couple of weeks: the Darke County Invite, Lisa French Memorial Invite, the Key Valentine’s Invite and the Coffman Arctic Blast.

“Maddie Baker has really come on strong in several events and she is close to getting her AA cut in six events,” Montgomery reported.

“In the 50 freestyle she swam a 33.10 and needs to get to 32.29. In the 100 freestyle her time is 1.13.13 and needs to get to 1:12.79. In the 50, back her time is 39.08 and needs to get to 38.49. In the 50 breaststroke, her time is 47.42 and needs to get to 43.49. In the 50 butterfly, her time is 41.50 and needs to get to 37.79. In the 100 individual medley her time is 1:27.73 and needs to get to 1:22.69. Jenna Aukerman has been dropping time in her 50 back with a time of 51.82 and needs to get to 38.49 to get her AA cut. She has also dropped her 100 freestyle time down to 1:38.11,” Montgomery said.

He continued, “Olivia Cochran has improved her 25 back time to 25.94 and needs a time of 21.39 to make it AA. She has also dropped time in her 25 breaststroke to 35.06. Nate Crammer has dropped his 50 back to 48.41 and needs a time of 39.79 to make it to AA. He has also dropped his 50 breaststroke time down to under a minute to 59.66.

“Hunter Cuyler continues to drop time in everything he swims; he took his 100 freestyle time down 1:20.80 and his 100 back time down to 1:38.96. Alina Fore has dropped her 50 freestyle time to 44.32, her 100 freestyle time to 1:47.01, and her 50 butterfly time to 55.87.”

Montgomery said Josey Meeks is getting close to three AA cuts. “Her 25 freestyle is 21.96 and she needs a 17.69, her 25 backstroke is a 25.09 and she needs a 21.39 and her 25 butterfly time is 25.96 and needs a 20.39 to make it to the AA meet,” Montgomery reported.

“Katelyn Meeks continues to make improvement to her times, her 100 freestyle is down to 1:50.52, her 50 breaststroke is down to 45.91 and her 100 individual medley is down to 2:07.37,” he said. “Cari Metz is close to an AA cut in her 50 breaststroke, her time is 49.34 and she needs to get to 43.49 to get a cut. She has also dropped time in her 100 freestyle, down to 1:36.75, her 100 individual medley down to 1:41.66 and her 50 freestyle to 44.18.”

Montgomery noted, Conley Mitchell is dropping time in his 50 freestyle down to 32.70, and in the 100 freestyle took his time down to 1:34.21, and the 100 back down to 1:30.73.

“Cameron Nelson, who already has a zone cut in the 50 freestyle, is getting close to getting an AA cut in the 50 breaststroke, his time is 53.84 and he needs a time of 45.49 to make it to AA meet,” Montgomery said. “Austin Peace has dropped time in his 25 freestyle to 29.37, dropped time in his 50 freestyle to 1:06.77 and in his 25 back to a time of 31.77. Aaron Scholl drop his 100 freestyle time to 1:15.17. Zoee Scroggins is close to three AA cuts — in her 25 free she has a time of 22.28 and needs to get to 17.69. In her 50 freestyle her time is 47.42 and she needs a time of 39.89 and in her 25 back her time is 29.42 and needs to get to 21.39.

“Ben Todd had dropped his 50 freestyle time to 1:11.44, his 25 breaststroke time to 49.86 and his 25 butterfly time to 35.23,” Montgomery added.

“It is so great to see the kids all dropping time over the course of the season and some of them getting so close to those AA cuts. They all work very hard four days a week and with their time dropping, they start to see that all that hard work really pays off. We have two more meets for them to get a cut, and I believe we will be taking at least three kids to AA championships and maybe even six kids if they all make their times. For the past 2 years the Piranhas has only taken one swimmer to AA and it would be nice to take that number up to six.” Montgomery said.