We Can Become a Nation of Builders Once Again

February 18, 2014

Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) released the following column discussing House Republicans’ continued focus on jobs and the economy:

“People are tired of the ‘new normal’ in the Obama Economy, which includes slow economic growth, not enough new jobs, and low wages for people who are trying to make a decent living.

“The Obama administration’s disastrous policies are dragging on our economy, but I’m a big believer that America can, once again, become a nation of builders.

“And every time I’m home in Ohio, I am reminded of that potential. Business owners from all over our local area have shared countless stories with me – stories of opportunity, promise, and possibility.

“My recent tour of Republic Wire in West Chester was no exception.

“As his employees gathered around him, CEO Ron Rosenbeck said, ‘This is a dream that I’ve had since high school.’ But as he continued, Ron said, ‘I feel today that, as a country, our dreams and the dreams of our younger people are being stepped on… people are being held back because of this administration.’

“I agree. Like Ron, I have run a small business, created jobs, and met a payroll. I understand that when you’re running a small business, every decision you make involves weighing risks. And when big government gets in the way and creates more uncertainty for your business, you get nervous and sit on your hands, which is what Ron is experiencing right now. “We have a lot to celebrate, but people are being held back by this administration,” he said. Imagine the growth that Ron could achieve if big government got out of the way.

“At a Troy Area Chamber of Commerce lunch, more than 200 of our friends, neighbors, and local business owners had the same message for me that Ron in West Chester did: people are tired of this ‘new normal’ under the president’s economy and the middle class continues to get squeezed every day.

“I refuse to believe this is the best that we can do.

“As highlighted in a recent Journal-News story about my tour of Republic Wire, I think there are four key things that we must do in order to make this country a nation of builders again:

1. Get big government out of the way of our local job creators;

2. Fix our tax code;

3. Allow America’s energy boom to continue;

4. Better educate our kids and train our workforce.

“These four key areas are part of the []House Republicans’ Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth. In fact, I’ve led House Republicans in passing dozens of pro-growth jobs bills to get government out of the way and secure the American Dream, but they are stuck in the Democratic-controlled Senate. You can learn more about these bills by visiting

“I am doing all that I can to promote better solutions for jobs and our economy. As I’ve said before, if the president is serious about making this a ‘year of action,’ he will reach out and work with House Republicans who are trying to focus on the areas where we can find common ground – things that will actually help our job creators and grow our economy.

“After the State of the Union address, I and other members of the House Republican leadership sent a letter to the president, which outlined places where we seem to have common ground, including skills training, federal research, and energy, but the president has not responded. If he won’t work with us on these things, how are we going to work together on the more complex challenges we face as a country?

“While it may take a new president, I’ll keep fighting for our local businesses, so they can continue to produce the jobs and wages that will grow our economy and expand opportunity. If we remain focused on the things that will actually help the private sector create jobs, we will be on our way to becoming a nation of builders once again.”

Boehner represents Ohio’s 8th District, which includes all of Butler, Clark, Darke, Miami, and Preble counties, and the southernmost part of Mercer County. He was first elected to Congress in 1990.