Around the ‘burg

Janet & Judy

February 18, 2014

As of Feb. 11, we have 38 days until spring!

What a winter! Just when we get things in order and plans made, the weather changes! Michelle has made plans to come to school for the past month, listens to the weather report and changes her mind. After our past month, I honestly understand the why behind her not leaving the house. It is so cool. Michelle checks in with Whitt Waltman almost daily to see what Florida weather is like (in the 70’s every day). Then she checks in with Emily Broughton to see how things are going at Bluffton, Ohio. She is always texting to remind us to be safe. She records the weather so that we know what tomorrow brings. Maybe, she has texted you about the weather. Only you and Michelle would know! What a reporter!

What’s happening in Lewisburg?


Feb. 18, Tri-County North Baseball/Softball sign-ups 6-8 p.m. Lewisburg United Methodist Church. Fees: $65 per child $120 for two children $150 for a family Baseball leagues for boys ages 4-18, slow pitch softball for girls ages 4-19. (players do not have to attend Tri County North schools to participate) Fast Pitch Softball will be offered to all third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade girls this year. Registration must be completed by Feb. 22. For contact information: President, Angie Eby at 336-3970.

Feb. 22, Tri County North Baseball/Softball sign-ups: Last day to sign up without a late registration fee. This is also being held at Lewisburg United Methodist Church from 1-3 p.m.

Feb. 23, Day of Caring. Lewisburg United Methodist Church serving from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Lewisburg Trinity Lutheran Church, noon-2 p.m. Adults: $6, Seniors/Child under 12 years: $4. This amazing all-you-can-eat brunch will include: pancakes, sausage, grilled coffee cake with fruit and syrup, biscuits and gravy, hashbrown casserole, ham, roast beef, omelets, casseroles, fried apples, and fresh fruit.


MOVIES IN THE PARK will begin again in May

June 21 Garden Walk More details to follow

July 5 CIRCUS is coming to Lewisburg! TWO SHOWS! More details to follow

July 19 Steak Fry and Auction

Thank you to those who are making the Lewisburg Community Building a reality. As of December, over $36,000 has been collected toward the goal of $50,000. If you can lend a helping hand during the building of this fine facility, call Park Harry at 937-533-8732. No help will be refused. We have decided that we would like to help. One of us can put the toilet paper on the hangers and one of us can paint. Can you guess who will do what?

Pay it forward

Thank you to the entire snow shoveling, tractor moving, snow plow movers who made life easier for all of us who travel on the roads. What a job! We appreciate all the hard work when told that school is in session and we have to get on the roads. Since our spin around, we begin to panic at the mention of school when the roads are bad or we are on level one or two. Thank you again for the many hours that you are away from your families to make sure that our families are safe.

What’s happening girls?

Saturday, February 1, we toured Richmond. Would you believe that Richmond ordered twenty two tons of ICE to celebrate RICHMOND’s MELTDOWN WINTER ICE FESTIVAL? Blocks of ice were sold for $250 and were carved into a company logo or a fun figure to represent your business. Judy and Michelle took some amazing pictures of the carvings which were done by artists using chainsaws, propane and a lot of coffee.

Designs included: an enormous WELCOME TO RICHMOND (Kilroy included) close to Morrison Reeves Library, a delicate butterfly, a wedding dress modeled after the dress in the window, a giant teddy bear outside the toy store (which just happened to be featured on the TODAY show Saturday and Sunday morning), a guitar complete with embedded snow roses, Indiana University East displayed their mascot, the red wolf, a giant fish in the Depot section, a giant slide in the Depot parking lot that kids were invited to play on, a usable ping-pong table made out of ice, a gigantic ten foot tall snow fairy complete with wings at the other end of the Promenade, the Cat in the Hat was also represented. Almost every store had an ice sculpture. The one drawing the most attention was the representation of the Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. Many were taking pictures beside their favorite team.

Many people visited the Depot and the Downtown Promenade to watch the artists and marvel at the creations. It began to rain during our afternoon visit but because of the COLD temperatures, the sculptures are still beautiful. We enjoy driving through downtown each morning to awe at their glistening.

If interested in viewing the pictures, go to The pictures are awesome. We even realized that we had missed some of the sculptures. We hope that this activity comes again next year. It was phenomenal!

Before we went to Richmond on Saturday, we made a stop at Eaton National Bank to take care of some business. It was like old home week! First, Lyn Ferguson came in, then Pat Leugers, followed by an old friend, Charlie, and then Pat’s husband Bob came in to see why she was taking so long. As long as they’ve been married, he should know her by now! Banking on Saturday morning has now replaced the Friday night grocery shopping for meeting old friends. We even saw one of our recent articles on their bulletin board!

Where were you when the Beatles walked out on the stage?

The Beatles in February, 1964, arrived in the United States and performed on the stage of Ed Sullivan. Nobody that I worked with knew who that was but I remember watching as my dad (Roy Kiracofe) made fun of the long haired “girls”. I hung on to every word that they sang because I loved the sound! Fifty years later and I still love them.

Judy was at a family gathering with her boyfriend. She wanted to stay and watch the show but he wanted to leave. His brother convinced him that he should sit down and let her watch the Beatles. After that night, they went to Frisch’s, drank coffee and listened to the Beatles on the jukebox. Memories are precious!

The Monopoly game became a hit in 1935. This is a game that we don’t really enjoy. It takes too long to play, who wants to go to jail and pay to get out, and we can’t sit still that long! Would you believe that we bought Michelle a Dog Monopoly game for Christmas? We haven’t played the game but if it means we have to bark, go outside, or roll over, we are in! We will keep you posted.

Always leave them laughing…..A friend told us a story about an elderly Texas man who lived a very long and healthy life. He told his son that the secret to his strength was to sprinkle a little gunpowder on his cereal every morning. The son did that and also lived a long life. At the time of his death he left a wife, 12 children, 48 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren and a 12-foot hole in the walls of the crematorium. (I think we’ll stick to milk and sugar.)

In closing, my grandma always told me, “Remember to keep your words soft and sweet because sometime you just might have to eat them.” There is spirit, there is grace in our peaceful country place. See you ….. around the ‘burg.