Ohio Attorney General holds roundtable in Preble

Eddie Mowen Jr.

February 4, 2014

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine stopped in Preble County on Monday, Feb. 3, during a tour of western Ohio in which he hosted several law enforcement roundtables.

DeWine’s visit brought him to the Preble County Sheriff’s Office. According to DeWine, the roundtables give law enforcement officials the chance to talk about various technology advances and law enforcement initiatives, exchange information, and more.

One such advance is in DNA processing.

According to DeWine the Bureau of Criminal Investigation has been testing old rape kits, and they are now getting hits on one in every three.

“Technology keeps getting better, and makes it easier to help solve crimes,” DeWine said after the roundtable on Monday.

Another advance in crime fighting comes by way of the Intelligence Unit, according to DeWine, who said a program being used by BCI allows law enforcement to enter into a computer details in robberies or break ins, and come away with a pretty good predictor of where something will be hit again.

“Our job is to aid the sheriff’s offices and the police,” DeWine said.

DeWine said he gets around for these sorts of discussions whenever he can. This time, his visits took him to some eight counties in two days.

“I do it whenever we can do it,” he said.

“It’s not often that the Attorney General can come sit down with local law enforcement,” Sheriff Mike Simpson said. “The Attorney General’s Office and the sheriffs have always had a good relationship. We can call the people at BCI — they’re just a phone call away.”

BCI helps out with everything from methamphetamine lab investigations to marijuana eradication, according to Simpson.

DeWine also hosted roundtables for area law enforcement in Darke and Mercer Counties last week, to discuss recent law enforcement initiatives and gather local feedback and concerns.